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The Last House in the Valley

I’ve just finished translating The Last House in the Valley, the second story in my very loose and occasional Tales of the Frontier.


The first tale, if you remember, was posted last summer, and was called The Demoness with White Hair.
In that case, it was the development of a short piece I had written as a test for a publisher (they never called back).
In this case, it was a story I wrote in a few hours and then handed to my friend Hell for an editing, the lot online and live.
The story some wanker deleted, and wrote Sickening.

Now you might wonder, is it truly sickening?
It will be for my Patrons to tell, as I am about to upload the pdf file of the translated text on my Patreon page.
Later in the day I’ll post the Italian version too.
Everybody in the Five Bucks Brigade will get it.

I think I will write one or two more stories, and then turn them into an ebook, together with some extra content thrown in, and make it available as a mobi and an epub. Patrons only for foreseeable future.
And yes, in case you are wondering, this is to attract more Patrons to my page.

The downside of posting my stories on Patreon, you see, is that I can’t pitch them at magazines anymore, because of late most magazines have started to consider reprints stories and articles that appear on Patreon. They won’t touch them, or they would pay them 1 cent a word instead of the professional rate of 6 cents.
I decided my Frontier stories will go to my Patrons before I knew the above, and I am not pulling back. There’s a big pink button in the sidebar here on the right.
So if you would like to read my Indian/Chinese sword & sorcery series, please consider the option of becoming a Patron.
In the next three months my Patrons will get a cartload of stuff, from behind the scenes to new stories, and the opportunity to try the beta version of my new roleplaying game, the first title from the Mana Bros. inprint (and about which, more in the next days).
So, as I said, think about it.
It’s good to be my Patrons.

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