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The list of general mistakes for indie authors

It has been three years since I uploaded my first book on Amazon.  If I knew then what I know nowadays, things would be different. 

I made all the possible mistakes that indie author could do, and this affected my status in Amazon, but not for so long. It was a good lesson.

I did not edit the book. That is why my first review was one star.

I did not order the cover. I use a Kindle pattern cover, that made book looks amateur.

I did not make my Author page on Amazon. 

After this, I gave a book on editing to editor amateur. Of course, professional editors immediately guessed my editor is not English nor American.

I try to explain to the reviewer that I edited the book later. Never talk to reviewers who give you negative reviews, they will not change their minds. Leave it their opinion, unless they are abusive. 

I was asking reviews between people I know. There is how I make mistakes because not all people are eligible to give reviews on Amazon. 

I gave my book free to some people, even they never read or respond with the review.

After this experience, I decided to hire an editor and to be recognizable to my possible audience. I am working on my blurbs, I have a group for writers and I don't waste time on anyone who doesn't get me serious. 

Still, there are some general mistakes that every indie author does. 

This is the way of thinking of someone who never published a book:

I am a good writer, I will publish it on Amazon, and the book will sell immediately.

I will get reviews as soon as my book will be in Amazon.

I need to spam and tag people around because that is how I will sell my book.

I need to pay reviewers.

If people give me critics, they are envious and jealous of my success. 

The process of learning is long, but if you are willing to learn, choose the right cooperators. Don't waste time and money, read books especially if English is not your native language, and be patient. 

Especially, don't disturb people in private messages. If you don't know the author personally, you will be ignored. What you need to ask, say in public. Authors are busy with their projects and they don't have time to teach newbies.

My reviews on Amazon are growing. Thank you.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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Terry Goodkind (1948-2020)

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