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The Loneliness Of Marketing A Book.

Chasing media opportunities & marketing channels is probably the hardest part of being an author. Making phone calls, talking to producers (both TV & radio), collecting email addresses, promoting myself - it's not something that comes naturally to me - particularly in the state my voice is right now. I've nervous & I stumble over my words. I'm sure I sound like a creep. Then there's the book blogs. I've looked through hundreds over the past week - checking their review policies and ensuring my genre fits their audience ...then I craft the best email I can, ensure I've got my cover art and media kit attached. The responses I've had from these blogs have ranged from "thanks but no thanks" to that Chestnut - "Who do you think you are, writing romance for women. Creep!" I've had a few offers of help that have come to nothing. I've reached out to celebrities in the hope of maybe getting an endorsement. Emails have gone unanswered, calls haven't been returned. I've been laughed at, scowled at and looked at as though I was a poop someone had stepped in. Marketing can be soul crushing. It's lonely, frustrating, dispiriting. When the occasional wins do happen, they're cancelled out by the majority of losses. It's hard to be enthusiastic. This is my #amwriting life. And yet I keep doing it. Why? Why do I?
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