“A vast, hidden network of cities, fortifications, farms and highways has been found hidden beneath the trees of the remote Guatemalan jungle.”

You can read the whole article here.


Now, this is the sort of news that really make me feel good. I was 18 when a lecturer in my high school told me and my mates

“in the Real World anything worth discovering has been discovered already… the future is in stock trading, not in archaeology or geology.”

It was 1985.
I hope the guy is still alive, but he’s probably in some nursing home eating apple puree and watching all-afternoon reality shows and he won’t get the news about the recent discovery of (get this)

the lost jungle city of the Mayan Snake Kings

Say it out loud, let the syllables roll on your tongue…

the lost jungle city of the Mayan Snake Kings


The world is still large, and uncharted and full of surprises. We have bandits and warlords on the Silk Road, lost cities in the Amazon, strange beasts from the oceanic depths and the looming menace of runaway Artificial Intelligence.
And they are starting to market sex bots.

So here’s a toast to all those that sneered and acted superior, and rambled on about The Real World(TM). May they never wake up – the shock would kill’em.

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