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The love letter

There is young love in our house.

The sweet sincerity of romance and romantic thought.

In this day in age of mass media and social engagement, I have been reminded of the value of the hand written letter.

Without giving too much away and getting into trouble for telling tales out of school, this lovely couple do all of the things young couples are expected to do...they talk on the phone, they use their social media connections, they share and facetime, and spend time together..but then they also write letters. I'm talking hard copy, old-fashioned, put a stamp on it, and go to the mail box letters. 

This practice first caught my attention a few months ago and I shrugged it off as a passing fancy. BUT NO, These letters are a part of their relationship. Almost weekly, a letter is sent and a letter is received. The envelop is treasured for its postmark and the fact that its contents are hand written-no computer print out pages.

Of course I am not privy to the contents, but I can tell by the dreamy look in the eye, and the high colour on the cheeks, the power of the love letter has not lost its everlasting impact.

I am reminded that a text on the phone, an e-mail in a saved account folder, or a voicemail is no match for the mighty pen to paper, crinkle of the sheet, worn and wrinkled from being read so often and charished for the words, love letter.
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