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The magic of Santa Claus comes to an end

In 2012, I wrote about the magic of Santa Claus and wondering when my kids would stop believing. At that time they were 7 and 4 and were firm believers.

Image result for santa claus not believingNow, in 2019, they are 11 and 14 and both no longer are believers. For Lexie, this is her first year. I don’t know what made her stop believing. In the past, other kids have told her Santa wasn’t real but she refused to listen to them.

I had always worried she would be upset that we had lied to her. But it all turned out fine. She just declared she knew and then asked us how we had known what she wanted when she only told Santa and who ate the cookies.

I don’t recall when Jase found out. I don’t think he said anything. Maybe he didn’t want confirmation or perhaps he didn’t want his sister to find out. It just seemed that he knew – just as he knew about the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny (who isn’t me as I have never bought an Easter basket. That is all on my mom or EB as she signs her emails asking what I think the kids want in their baskets.)

Since both kids now know the truth, you would think that stockings or Santa gifts would be over. But Lexie being the smart, negotiator has declared it is now tradition to get those things so she expect “Santa” to deliver this Christmas too.

I had always planned to keep up the stockings filled with small gifts and candy. Now “Santa” at our house never brought more than one gift and it was never a big or expensive gift so having “Santa” drop off two small gifts is no big deal.

Now with her new knowledge about Santa, she also has figured out there is no tooth fairy and didn’t put her last tooth she lost last week under her pillow. And yes, she still wants money for it. I’ve given Jase money even after he stopped believing – though again he never said he didn’t believe.

So now I guess these “magical” parts of childhood are over. A part of me is sad about that but I understand it is part of growing up. Now they don’t have younger siblings or cousins to protect the secret from but I will make sure Lexie knows to keep this information to herself when out in public as other kids may not know.

And while this part of the magic is over, it has not decreased their excitement or joy in the season. They know that Christmas is more than just “Santa.” It is a time of giving, happiness and family.


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