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The Masks of Halloween

Here’s a silly idea I’d love to do.
Heck, I love it so much that I’ll do it.

My friend Claire, over on her Scribblings blog, wrote about her acting experiences with and without a mask. You can go and check her post out. It’s quite interesting as usual.

abbf11362d6fde0094e430486b232f1a--leather-mask-animal-masksI replied in the comments, pointing out her experiences would make for a great horror story.
Masks have this sort of weird horrific vibe, right?
Claire replied (you can read our quick exchange on her blog) and of course we got another idea for another story.
A story about the story of a mask.

Which in total makes two stories, of course.

So why not write them?
I’d write them for Claire alone, but…
first – people would gossip
second – Claire does not like horror and would not read ’em anyway
third – why not publish ’em?

But I’m knee-deep in stories… I’m revising a novel, and I’m writing a number of shorts.

leather_goat_mask_curled_horns_krampus_devil_by_teonova-d7g89twSo here’s what I’ll do: I will write the first story on the 31st of October, in a single take, so that I’ll be able to post it here on Karavansara on Halloween night.
Free, for my readers.

And I’ll write the second between the First and the Second of November, and then give it away for free to anyone subscribing to my mailing list.

And finally I’ll do a commercial ebook of the two, and sell it for gold and jewels and rum and wenches. Or something like that.

What do you guys say?

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