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The Ministry of Thunder – an announcement

OK, drop everything you are doing and listen, because I have to make an announcement.
A big one.

The Ministry of ThunderI have just learned from my publisher, Acheron Books, that The Ministry of Thunder is their bestselling title on the international marketplace.
This makes me really proud.
The Ministry of Thunder was my first published novel and it helped me learn a lot about writing, and it was a fun ride, and I love the characters in it.
Felice Sabatini is like an old friend.
I am completely and unashamedly in love with Helena Saratova, but I also sort of fancy Pat Neil.
And Captain Asamatsu is such a wonderful antihero.
And LaFleur… ah, we go back a long time with Jacques LaFleur.

So, before we go on, I would like to thank all the readers that bought and enjoyed my novel and my characters.
Thank you, from the heart.

This said, there is a storm brewing over Shanghai.
And Sabatini is about to get back in town.

The Ministry of Lightning is going to happen.


ministry of lightning banner

As I am writing this, I am waiting for the paperwork from Acheron Books, and in the meanwhile I am warming up the engines.
Samuel Marolla of Acheron Books – the company that owns the rights on the series and the characters – just granted me permission to publish the second volume in the Ministry trilogy as a serial through my Patreon page.
My Patrons in the Five Bucks Brigade will get each episode as a mobi and epub ebook, and also as a pdf. They will also have access to online writing sessions, revisions, notes, character profiles, research articles … the works.
This, plus the usual (dubious) perks my Patreon supporters enjoy.

Given the current schedule and Acheron’s quality-oriented, six-titles-only-per-year policy, readers might get the two follow-ups to Thunder by 2030. And I perfectly understand the need to allow space for other much-deserving authors. No ill feelings in that department.
But I have stories to tell, and some of my readers want them. This way, by going the serial way, those that are interested will be able to get the novel in monthly instalments, and participate in the creative process. And I’ll be able to pay my bills.
And let’s admit it – Felice Sabatini was always a serial-style sort of character.

What can you expect from The Ministry of Lightning?
More action.
More weird supernatural.
A bunch of new characters joining a few of the old ones.
Shanghai will never be the same, afterwards.

Will we finally learn what really happened with that old story about the Buddhist monks smuggling operation Sabatini and LaFleur once ran?
That I can’t guarantee.
It’s a thing the guys don’t talk about very much.

Anyway, we begin in July.
But before that, there will be a party.
I will keep you posted.

Indeed a thriller

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