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The New Banana Republic

Has the United States taken the same path that other once great nations have taken to their own demise? Those nations fell because of the corruption in their governments. It is becoming more apparent that we are on the same path. This presidential election has shined a tremendous amount of light on the corruption in our government at all levels. What will the outcome be?

It used to be that we turned to the news to find out what was happening in the world. They used to be the trusted sources to verify what was happening and record the history. That is no more. Not to rehash what I have already blogged about but I have shown how some noted reporters have fabricated or skewed their reports to support the wishes of our government. I don’t trust any of them. It is obvious the news media, reporters, and pundits want Hillary Clinton to win at all cost.

Could it be that they are being paid by the government to support the cover-up of corruption and incompetence? Could be—money talks. Unless you have been marooned on a deserted island for the past several weeks you are familiar with WikiLeaks and the information Julian Assange has released. Has he become the trusted media source to hold the government accountable where the other news outlets have failed? He is shining a big spotlight on the government and Mrs. Clinton. Because of his info dumps we have learned about a mind-boggling amount of emails showing the corruption of Clinton and cover-ups of the government. Some of the information has put so much pressure on the FBI that Director Comey had to re-open Hillary’s email server scandal. Remember, I mentioned in my previous blog that Comey has become rich because of his connection to the Clintons. He was brought before congress to account for his recommendation not to press charges against Hillary. Nothing came out of that show. What a surprise! We are already seeing that the DOJ—Loretta Lynch—doesn’t want it reopened. Loretta Lynch even wanted Comey to hide the truth from congress and cover up for Hillary.

As a result of the WikiLeaks dump, we learned that Hillary’s aide, the fast rising Huma Abedin, had 650,000 government emails on her estranged husband’s (Anthony Weiner) laptop. Of those emails 10,000 were in a file titled “Life Insurance.” What do you think might be in those 10,000 emails? Hmm. We will soon see. I do want to point out that Huma and Hillary testified they had turned over all the emails to the FBI. Low and behold, 650,000 just turned up. Now Huma is absent from Hillary’s campaign. Where is she? Did Bubba mention Vince Foster to her?

In another development, supposedly, two whistleblowers are going to come forward about Benghazi. They are going to state that Hillary was running guns out of Libya. She was trying to buy back Stinger missiles from al-Qaeda groups issued to them by the State Department, not by the CIA. This was done without the knowledge of congress or the military. The deal went bad and the disaster happened. Clinton then cooked up the story about the YouTube video. Obama would have had to approve the Benghazi operation. Therefore, Obama was covering his own tail. Watch out, WikiLeaks is going to shine the light on you, too.

Our government is lying to the people and covering up their blunders and illegal acts. It appears they are paying off people to support them. The corruption goes from the top down. Obama tried to block the FBI from investigating the laptop with the 650,000 emails but Weiner gave the FBI permission to do so.

The democrats (and presumably republicans) along with Clinton are rigging the elections. Several reports of voter fraud have been reported during the past week and reports of voter machines switching votes to Hillary. Even some government employees have admitted to violating voter laws.

Has the United States become a banana republic? It sure looks like it. Those that support or overlook corruption are just as guilty as the perpetrators. This election is High Stakes. I could be mistaken but it sure seems like we are speeding down the road to disaster. You decide for yourself. Will the United States be the new banana republic?

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