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The Nightfall Series

Good morning and welcome to Thursday Thoughts. All through September, we’re taking a peek at some stupendous science fiction authors. I have the fabulous luck to know each of these dedicated, hardworking individuals.

Jeffery Martin Botzenhart appears today with his tales, Daybreak, After Dark, Dead of Night, First Light (Nightfall series).

Amidst a world of cyber surveillance and advancing technology of 2035 San Francisco, Sebastian, a teen runaway, innocently accesses a sophisticated virtual reality program.  The breach of this data proves the catalyst in unraveling corporate and government sanctioned deception of the most unimaginable type. And along with his computer hacker friend, Scotty, both are thrust into a dangerous conspiracy, linking them to a source exposing the truth.

With Sebastian's health deteriorating, his dad decides to risk them both crossing into Canada in efforts to meet with a physician friend in Montreal who might be able to help.  Yet before even reaching the border they encounter new threats against them.  Their escape is further complicated when after reaching Lee's friend they are separated.  This leads Sebastian to a perilous journey across the Canadian frontier, finding both a new friend and discovering a far more dangerous robotic conspiracy than anyone could have imagined.

Sebastian's hopes of having a new life in Alaska quickly fade. Suffering in being the constant target for teasing from his high school classmates and understanding the danger his dad attempts to shield them from, a sudden tragedy destroys any chances of this.  He returns to San Francisco with the belief he can resume his previous life there as a runaway surviving on the streets.  But as the old saying warns, you can't go home.  The dangers he faces here have multiplied, leading him to wonder if he can ever escape from the relentless hauntings of his past.

Emotionally suffering from what happened to them, both Sebastian and Ben set out separately to confront their demons.  Little do they realize how and when their paths will soon cross. For Sebastian, seeking closure in what happened to his dad and sister is what he most needs. For Ben, his growing rage consumes his desire for revenge.

About Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

I was born in Warren, Ohio in November 1967.  I grew up in Southington, Ohio with two older brothers.  After graduating from Chalker High School in 1986, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Sciences degree in International Relations from Kent State University.  I'm married and have three sons. Painting and coaching soccer for autistic kids are my passions away from writing.  And yes, I am extremely boring.

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