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The outlaws of Sherwood Forest are online

I was doing some preliminary research and warm-up for my next writing project, and as I was looking for online resources, I stumbled on the University of Rochester’s Robbins Library Digital Projects page, which features a number of online collections of texts and materials about – among others – the Crusades, the Matter of Britain, and, to my great pleasure, Robin Hood.

The website features Robin Hood: Development of a Popular Hero, a learned essay by John H. Chandler, that gives an in-depth look at how the British (for all their love of law and order) ended up cherishing a brigand, an excellent starting point.
From there, we can go on and peruse the huge selection of texts and images, and learn more than we ever wanted on Robin and his Merry Companions.

This is the sort of thing that I dreamed about when, as a child, I spent long hours browsing our Encyclopedia to find bits and pieces about the subjects I loved the most.
And when it happens – as it happened this morning – that someone comes up with the usual trite “ah, the good old times, before the internet made us all stupid…” I tend to get medieval, so to speak.

So, on we go, browsing and taking notes.
And no, my next project has nothing to do with Robin and Sherwood, but that’s something we will discuss in another moment.

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