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The price of peace of mind

OK, so I went and did it.
I’ve been on Patreon as a lurker for a while now, but last night I went and did what needed to be done, and I am about to launch my Patreon page on the 1st of December.

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick video overview.

Patreon allows fans to put down some money (as little as 1 buck per month) in order to pay their favorite writers, musicians, artists etc.
And I’ll give it a try. Let me explain why…

To me, the idea of being of Patreon is a bid at leaving behind panic attacks and anxiety. This writing business’ been (barely) paying my bills these last two years, but that(barely) is bad.
Wake-up-in-the-night-sweating sort of bad.
What-if-the-car-breaks-down? sort of bad.

Now, let me be completely honest – as I think I already mentioned in the past, this razor’s edge sort of thing by which I write, or translate, or create gaming material, and just in time my expenses are covered, a new job surfaces, and this month will be OK, is sort of exciting. It’s riding the thin line between stress and exhilaration.
But I have no margin.
An accident, an unexpected bill, a late payment from a client, and I’m out.
Bank calls, lawyers send letters, there’s no food on the table.

unnamedMy patrons might make a difference.
Will make a difference, in fact.
Not only they’ll contribute to keep me afloat, but to help me keep my anxiety at bay. And if I’m not anxious, I can write more. And if I can write more, I’ll have less to worry.
So as you see, it’s a feedback loop. I only need to start it up.

Right now, I’ll be offering exclusive posts and behind the scenes to … hmm, let’s call them “basic patrons”, and one all-new, original short story per month to my more munificent patrons. Fantasy or adventure, occasionally SF or horror. Or any genre you like – let’s talk about it. I’d love to write westerns, for instance.
It’s a beginning.
I’m planning lots of other things – like, starting my podcast anew, and writing game scenarios, and doing even more. Chats and hangouts, and my services as translator and researcher offered to my patrons, on demand.
But there’s time for that – and indeed, I am open to suggestions.
Meanwhile, I’m getting my stuff ready for the launch.

Will it work?
I’d really like to hear your opinion on this one.

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