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the right match: Aiden Horowitz

Have you ever tried to find exactly the right pet for your family? How do you know if it’s the right match for you? If you live in an apartment, you probably prefer a small dog. What if you want a larger dog? What makes a dog the right match for you? Aiden started a website called “Dog Do or Dog Don’t.”

Young Aiden Horowitz ha found her passion. She thought of a great project for school. Her website matches prospective adopters with shelter dogs. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? In order to be sure she finds the right dog for you, she has designed a questionnaire. There are questions such as, “What kind of resources can you offer?” Do you have children? What happens after you complete the thirteen questions in the survey?  Aiden submits your questions and answers to Austin the Pets Alive! website. Because they have hundreds of dogs waiting to be adopted, Aiden’s surveys help them find just the right fit for their clients.

How does Aiden feel about her project?

“The 13-year-old says that her website has already garnered over 10,000 clicks on her website, which has resulted in 5 adoptions.

Despite the website only starting as a school project, Aiden plans on expanding the service to other shelters and states.”

My own family adopted a pet several years ago after our Chocolate Lab was hit by a car. Naturally, we were very sad without him and we went to the shelter in our town, looking for a similar breed.  They told us the dog we wanted already had  several people interested in adopting her. But one of the ladies who worked at the shelter asked us, “Would you be interested in an Elliott?” At first, I was a bit hesitant because Elliott was part Staffordshire Terrier,with the customary over-sized head.  But he put my fears to rest immediately, when he bounded into my lap and planted a big, sloppy kiss on my cheek! Our younger son was with us and he said, “Mom, I want him. He has character. Elliott was the best friend we could possibly have found. We loved him for over 13 years and we miss him every day. He was the right matchfor us, but we’d have loved a service like Aiden offers to help us find him.

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