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The Roof

Writers Envy

On the flight deck, broiling hot sun, bright blue sky, blue sea, whitecaps throwing spindrift with the wind, another day in the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I’m standing between eighty thousand pounds of Hornet and sixty thousand pounds of thrust at full throttle, two fighter aircraft held back against their will, straining to break free, to pierce the sky, my head on a swivel my nerves strained to the breaking point, float-coat buttoned, cranial on, gloves on, sleeves down, goggles down, muscles taut, engines screaming-screaming-screaming my bones rattle stomach pulled against my backbone teeth clenched marrow quivers in every bone in my body I’m shaking everything around me can kill me everywhere around me is constant action-action-action! my head filled with screaming jet noise my nostrils filled with jet exhaust I’m burning up my head tilted down as I gaze from beneath lowered brows thumbs up, thumbs up…

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