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The savages are coming

And so, just in time for the International Podcast Day, the 10 Minutes Till the Savages Come podcasts have been recorded, edited and uploaded, and in a few minutes will be available for my Patrons,and hopefully they will like what they get.
As a test run, yesterday’s work was quite instructive.

I still feel much more at ease with a keyboard – the process of writing is faster, and I find the medium of the written word much more flexible.
But I wanted to try a feature of the Patreon pages, and my Patrons looked interested, so, why not.

There is still ample room for improvement.
Like, in cartloads.
Of course I hate my voice (it is normal), and of course I caught a cold just before recording, so that my voice sounds like my head is in a draining pipe.
But, as I said, improvements will come.

I am particularly pleased with the theme of the podcast – 10 Minutes Till the Savages Come will focus on a new idea in each episode. Ideas and concepts I had never taken into account before, but that can be useful.
Basically, in each 10-minutes episode I will try to wrap my head around a new idea, and in doing so, hopefully, entertain and instruct my Patrons.

The first episode, therefore, is about a thing called Attention Economy, and the effects thereof.
In future podcasts I will explore more ideas and concepts, and try to make sense of this all.

And now on, because there’s more work to do.

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