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This Shouldn't Need To Be Said, But...

Hey Everyone!

Today's post is something that I really don't know why it needs to be said, but apparently it does. So, here it goes. ;-)

I think there may be some confusion among some people about why other people consider them bigots. I'm not sure why they would be confused, but they keep denying the charge in one breath and in the next breath expressing bigotry. So, in the interests of clearing things up, here's an explanation that really shouldn't be needed.

If you believe that a minority group doesn't deserve equal rights with the majority group, you are a bigot. This can take many forms. For instance, if you don't believe gay people deserve the same right to marry that straight people have, you are a bigot. If you believe that people of color don't deserve to have the same right to exist in public without being threatened by the police that white people have, you are a bigot. If you believe women don't deserve the same bodily autonomy that men have, you are a bigot. Etc.

You can get as angry with me for saying this as you want, but it won't change the facts. Neither will denying the charge of bigotry if you continue to hold bigoted opinions. And who you vote for and support politically is a good indication of what opinions you hold.

Also, trying to excuse your bigotry by hiding behind religion doesn't change the fact that you are a bigot. All it means is that you think the religion you subscribe to promotes bigotry. So, it's up to you if you want to make that statement about your religion. Because I guarantee, no matter which religion it is, there are other people who claim it who don't subscribe to the same bigotry that you do.

So, to recap, if you think other people deserve fewer rights because they belong to a minority group, you are a bigot. Being upset or offended by people pointing that fact out to you won't change it. And facts don't actually require your approval to be true.


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