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To make a New Year’s Resolutions or not

Ah the new year…a time when people make New Year’s Resolutions…and then forget them a few weeks later.

It is easy to want to start off the New Year “right.” And oh, there are certainly some changes that I would love to make to my life, but it is that knowledge that most New Year Resolutions fail that makes me not want to make any.

Popular Resolutions

Lose Weight/Eat Healthier – Many, many people would like to lose a few pounds (or maybe a lot of pounds). If you aren’t wanting to lose weight, you may be one of those who wants to change our diet to a healthier one.

Exercise More – Life is busy. For some of us, finding time to exercise and improve strength and stamina is hard. Gym memberships soar at this time of year.

Get Organized – No matter how organized I think I am, there is always something that needs organizing or cleaned up in the house. If you are looking for a good plan to get your home organized, check out 52 Weeks to an Organized Home.

Stop (drinking, smoking, yelling at the kids)/Start (reading, learning a new hobby, making friends, smiling more) – Who doesn’t have something they would either like to stop doing or maybe start doing?

Save Money/Reduce Debt – Everyone should have some money socked away for emergencies. Or perhaps you want to save up for a vacation or other larger purchase or even begin putting money away for your kids’ college or your retirement. Or you can simply want to pay off those school loans and credit card bills.

Resolution Failure

According to a quick internet search, about 45% of Americans will make one (or more) resolutions this New Year. But often these resolutions don’t last.

Resolution length:

Past the first week: 75% Past 2 weeks: 71% Past one month: 64% After 6 months: 46%

Tips for Making your Resolution Last

For those of you who made a New Year’s resolution, here are few tips to help you achieve them:

Make only 1 resolution Be specific (Don’t say lose weight, have a set amount as our goal) Be honest with your goals (Don’t set yourself up for failure with an unreachable goal or base the goal on someone else’s goals) Break your goal into a series of time-based steps Make your plans and progress concrete by writing it down Tell your friends and family what you are aiming for Regularly remind yourself of the benefits Give yourself small rewards for achieving each step Expect small set-backs, and don’t make these a reason to give up altogether

So, did you take the plunge and make a New Year’s Resolution? If so, go ahead and share it in the comments. (That counts as writing it down!) As for me, I want to lose 10 lbs. Now to break that down into achievable steps.

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