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Today’s workload

So today I

finished revising Sons of the Crow and passed it to the beta readershammered out 3000 words of a book I am contracted to writedid a 2500-words translation (still need to revise it)outlined an article I’m sending to a magazine on Mondayposted a cover reveal for my patrons (will go up in two hours at the time of writing)

Then I ask myself why I so often feel depressed on the weekend.
Because yes, I should be proud of the work done, but really, it sometimes feels like there is no difference – week day, weekend, summer, winter, day, night…

So, I’m calling it a day. Today for the first time this year I was able to take a long walk during lunchtime, and it’s fine.
Now I will dedicate the rest of this day to decompressing.
And, also, to jot down a few ideas for two stories I’d like to submit to two magazines this month. But, you know, at a leisurely pace.

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