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Travel Is A Dynamic Situation

IMG_2174Photo by Sharon E. Cathcart

I’m writing to you from my Memphis hotel room.  Even using a GPS, I managed to drive past it yesterday … and that’s okay.  Travel is an adventure.  I’m sorry to report that it’s in a rather seedy part of town … but the guidebooks warned me of as much and I proceeded.  The hotel itself is fabulous; I just won’t spend a lot of time venturing around the neighborhood.

Which brings me to today’s plans.  I had originally planned to visit both the Historic Dyess Colony (Johnny Cash’s boyhood home) and the Elvis Presley Birthplace.  The former is in Dyess, Arkansas; the latter is in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Visiting both of those locations would have meant a) a total of six hours’ driving today and b) rushing through both locations.  Now, if it weren’t for the fact that the area is getting a wee bit of wind and rain fallout from Hurricane Irma, perhaps this wouldn’t be such a big concern.  However, given that I never sleep really well the first night in a hotel room, and that I was up far too early yesterday,  I realized that this was not a smart idea.  I had to make some decisions … and downsize my original plan.

I admit, there was some hemming, hawing … and regret.  However, as the title says, travel is sometimes a dynamic situation.  Plans change on the fly.  Even when you’re doing research for new stories.  Yep, it’s true.

So, today’s plan is a visit to the Presley Birthplace … so that I can take my time and enjoy myself.  I will catch you all, as the saying goes, on the flip side.

PS:  I’m thinking of changing the title of the new short fiction collection from Bayou NonStandard Time to Southern NonStandard Time, as some of the tales take place outside Louisiana.  What do you think?

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