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Uffizi Prophecy… The Angel Chair: Fourth Revelation

Uffizi Gallery Exterior_FlorenceIn the Uffizi Museum in Florence, I stood stock still, mesmerized. In front of me was a painting, The Assumption of Mary, which depicted Mary in a baroque-style chair flanked by two angels. My heart pounded. Previously, I had only seen such a chair in personal visions. To be precise, an angel chair had revealed itself to me on three separate occasions just prior to the death of a female family member. In each of those revelations the chair had been accompanied by two angels, and it had ascended with the angels guiding the chair upward. This was my first time to see this painting, this rendition of The Assumption of Mary. Awestruck that I was seeing this amazing image outside of me, I stood transfixed. After several moments as the shock abated, I could view the painting more objectively. I admired how the artist had portrayed the beauty of Mary, the angels, and the ornately carved chair. I was soaking up all the details of this ...MORE
Samcat takes over...
Will he jeopardize the career he is bound to . . ....

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