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Imagine if you will...narrow roads, with next to no shoulder. To one side, the earth falls off, giving way to the ocean's incessant on-slaught. On the other is lush forest, so thick, mere feet inside cocoons against noise and the outside world. Travel down these twisting, turning roads - up and down as they trace the rugged coastline.

This is a vision of my home. This is where my imagine returns time and again for inspiration.

​In these woods, I hide secrets for the reader to discover. Within the howling wind, you can hear cry of the sea gull carrying clues. Upon the ocean waves, the hero sails in to save the day. And when the summer sun shines, you can catch the romance of the gentle surf.

This is the place where homes are painted the bright colours of the sea: blue, green, grey-and always the red to welcome you back. 

No matter where you've been, how long you've been away, first time visitor, or long-time friend...When people pass, they smile and a wave because even if they don't recognize you, they know you. You're here now. You're a friend. Within a short span of time, they will know, have you related to someone they know from somewhere, or make some connection to bind you to the area, so you too can call the place home too.

My home town, a dot on the map, is significant to me. From this inspiration, there's always a story to tell. History marks the area with Pirates, Sea Farers, people of commerce, fishermen, farmers, Olympic athletes, and World War II heroes of valour, now featured on the Canadian stamp, I am proud of my home town.

Thank you for always welcoming me home!
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