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Up from the Facebook depths

Yesterday some twitch in the Facebook engine brought up a post I had made more than one year ago, about a weird idea I had about a story, possibly the first in a series. It was a solid Idea, and I had started working on it and even had an interested publisher, and then – for a change – my day-to-day life had taken a turn for the worse and I had to scrap the project.

Oh, damn.

But yesterday that old post came up from the depth of Facebook, like a stretch of oceanic floor uplifted by some tectonic event – an algorithm shift of some kind, some big data rift – and there it was.
And people saw it, and they started going – damn, man, you need to write this, like, NOW!

And I was looking at those notes, during the lockdown, and thinking that, should I ever be able to nail shut the lid of the coffin of the Ghostwriting Project from Hell, I might as well resurrect that old idea.

Well, turns out there is people out there interested in reading it.
Now just let me get my nails and my hammer…

Jessamyn Kingley – Marked by Lightning

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