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Violence Dave: Heartless review by: Mandy Tyra

WOW, what an exhilarating thrill ride this was, just a action-slam-jam-packed!! 
Really grabs (and throttles you) from the very first page and doesn’t let up (or even let you breath) till the last. 
It’s non-stop riveting and with no chapter breaks or pauses, you really stay on that intense level the entire read. 

This is labeled as a science fiction bizarro novella, I don’t read much bizarro so when I do decide to take one on it’s always with a bit of trepidation at first. My mind just don’t bend that way.
This book is weird and strange with many odd creatures and even odder happenings BUUUT the narrative of it was not bizarro, weird or wonky. 
I had absolutely NO trouble following along. And if I can

Greek author Konstantine showing so much versatility here, the only other thing I have read from him so far couldn’t be more different from this, it was called Sorry, Wrong Country and it was a nonfiction series of entertaining and humorous tidbits all about the offbeat, wild and crazy Greek life. 
Violence Dave: Heartless is also offbeat, wild and crazy but in a far removed way, also…it’s fiction, I believe. 
So Mr. Paradis gets my most versatile vote. My second read from him in just a few short weeks and the two books are as incomparable as apples and ouzo. 

It’s literally Hell on Earth, two years into the apocalypse and us mere humans are attempting to fight the battle to end all battles, or at least survive long enough to fight a new day.
Hellgates, Hellportals, and Hellmouths have opened up all around the globe, whenever we manage to close one..more appear.
Time works differently there, not to mention the inhabitants, they work differently too….they are not very people friendly. Some are about as sentient as cockroaches, but others are intelligent and savvy enough to have stolen and modified human weapons, other top-gear, aaand have figured out shameful ways to use our intel against us. 

The future is scary but ahhhh the gadgets; state of the art robotic combat suits fitted with a living layer that repairs you as you still fight, shoots you up with oxytocin to make the pain bearable, so you can still fight. Also a turbo booster long-high-jump mode. Niiice.
With nooks and crannies built-in to efficiently carry blitz-guns, rocket-propelled tearers, raptor repeaters and other wonder weapons. 

But ohhhh the enemies, those adversaries really know how to take the fun out of it all; spider-like alien looking creatures, giant women-esque worms, bull-demons, dog soldiers that play dress-up (quite dumb but abundant), mammoth behemoths with tentacles that fly, crow demon scavengers that circle the dead or dying of either species. 
They all have their weapons too, some from ungodly natural abilities, more often from kiped and converted human tech. 

We follow Dave and his platoon in one such recon (suicide) mission, they are literally pummel dropped from their Lancer right into the thick of it. They refer to Dave as greenhorn and new fish, since it’s his first slated day in the trenches and that’s true, it is his first slated day, but this ain’t exactly his first rodeo. He’s like a trapped loop wrangler, ducking, dodging, and riding for his life… trying to grab that bull-demon by the horns and end this all…once and for all.
He’s watched them all die countless deaths, he’s watched himself die countless times over but now….now, he’s going off the grid, he’s not feeling very compliant anymore. 
Time to venture away from that beaten up path. Sick and tired and running off pure endorphined-up endurance and with his trusty shotgun, affectionately coined Bielebog, by his side, he’s breaking protocol. 
He may be spent but he’s still got his wit!
But how can you live to fight another (brand new) day when the enemy always seems to be able to 1-up you. 

I have a feeling this Dave is gonna save the world…ooooor die a 1,000 more times trying. 
Or maybe he’s just on one extreme acid trip. Eh, could be. 
We’ll just have to wait for the 2nd installment to find out a little bit more about the who’s what’s and hooow’s of it all. I’m really liking this Dave character though, I think he’s full of heart, and I’m jonesing for his backstory. 
And how the hell did he find himself in such a wretchedly repetitive predicament anyway?!?
This was like a little teaser, gets you all amped up for the real guts of the glory, story. 

I can see the homage/inspiration to popular first person shooter video games like DOOM, but I’m not a gamer and can’t really parallel the two. I very much likened this to that awesome Tom Cruise movie ‘Live Die Repeat’ (well, technically it’s Edge of Tomorrow but that title is lame compared to Live Die Repeat, am I right??) with a slap dash dose of ‘Starship Troopers’ and a hint of ‘The Mist’. 
Just a flat-out surrealistic, down-right freaktastic alt-world this author created, chalked full of otherworldly ambiance. Creative and clever indeed. 
I pictured it, a bit too vividly. His descriptive prowess ~ whoa and ewwww.

I very much enjoy Konstantine’s easy-going yet hard-core writing style, it’s so magnetic. 
It astonishes me how this Greek born and bred (and still firmly rooted) writer writes 100% fluently, HAAA better than some native English speakers. 
Even people fluent in another language can often have trouble with all those little nuances, slang terms, or like, participle phrases or whatever. I don’t know, I don’t quite grasp the scholarly aspect of it all, I just know when it reads wrong. 
And Konstantine reads write…errr right. 
Very impressive!! 

Yea, I’m unfortunately not reading or reviewing much at all this summer, the stress and demands and stress of kids has me over (and hiding under) a barrel lately but some books, some books, I just gotta get to. They deserve some attention. Violence Dave is one such book and I’m super stoked for the sequel. 

Oh and finger guns, they can and dooo work, if you believe. 
Air guitar next…??? Oh Yea…

You can buy the book here:

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