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Visitation Dream Blessings

blog-photo_heavenly-golden-cord_b_10-2016On a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday, Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of The Omega Institute and author of Marrow: A Love Story. A gripping memoir, Marrow chronicles Elizabeth’s journey with her ill sister, Maggie, who Elizabeth gifted with her bone marrow. Amazing story—a highly recommended read! In addition to her book, Elizabeth discussed a “visitation dream” where Maggie, now deceased, came to her.  The segment was poignant for me as I, too, have been involved in the care of gravely ill sisters. And because I, too, have had such dreams. My most memorable one featured a visit from my beloved sister, Donna. Typically, visitation dreams are vivid, leaving the dreamer with an overwhelming feeling that the deceased person has truly visited them from the other side.  That was certainly my experience. Although my dream of Donna occurred ten years ago, I can still—right now today—recall every detail. I stood in what seemed like a cemetery; yet, it had a park-esque feel with beautiful green grass and trees. The graves nor their markers were ...MORE
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