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Voices in the Dark

The last time I listened to an audiobook I was driving along the highway to meet a friend, and I got so engrossed in the action that I missed my exit, and had to drive an extra fifty miles. I learned my lesson, and left audiobooks on the side for a while.

These days I no longer have a car, and I have a stack on audiobooks I never got around listening to.
I’ve got half a dozen Bryant & May mysteries by Christopher Fowler I got with a special offer a few years back, and I have a huge selection of Warhammer 40K novels I bought with a Humble Bundle two years ago.
And more.

These audiobooks, together with the huge troves of audio-dramas one can find online (via the Internet Archive), are an absolute blessing with this heat: I can turn off the lights, close my eyes and enjoy the ride as the evening gets cooler.
Because we need to adapt to the environment if we want to survive, and this place is too hot, humid and mosquito-ridden to do anything else.

Tonight I’ll start with Bryant & May – nothing better than a good mystery on a hot summer night.

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