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21 Romantic Suspense stories.

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At our Grand Finale, we'll give away these prizes:

Uvi PoznanskyMarriage before Death
Stephany TullisMissing the Moment 
Judith Lucci: Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center 
Fiona Quinn: Weakest Lynx 
Anna Celeste Burke: A Dead Husband
Margaret A. Daly: Dusgadh: Essence Of Life 
Linda Watkins: Summer Girl 
Tamara Ferguson: Two Hearts Unbroken 
Suzanne Jenkins: Stronger 
Inge-Lise Goss: The Cost of Crude 
S.R. Mallery: The Dolan Girls
Jinx Schwartz: Troubled Sea 
Kathryn Knight: Gull Harbor 
Stephanie Queen: Beachcomber Investigations 
Casi McLean: The Pegasus Chronicle 
Valerie J. Clarizio: Taken by Surprise 
Chris Patchell: Deadly Lies 
Aaron Paul Lazar: For the Birds 
Alyssa Richards: The Haunting of Alcott Manor 
K. M. Hodge: Walker Texas Wife 
Pamela Fagan Hutchins: Finding Harmony 

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