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We Are Our Best Version of Our Competition


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Most people don’t know how to handle their competition and freeze up just thinking about it. And there are times when we wonder how did they succeed, but I’m not able? As we begin to compare ourselves is the exact moment when the rabbit hole of despair appears. But, one competitor is far more important than all the rest.

My Story

We are all very much aware of the success of others whether it be on the job, in a business and out in society, too. But, our success is dependent upon whether we can snap out of the comparison dilemma that makes us feel inferior.

It’s important to remember that no two people have the same DNA and accordingly, we all approach life differently from one another. Therefore it is our duty to come to terms with how we work and what works best for each of us. We need to embrace who we are and be comfortable with our persona. The reflection prepares us to put into place a plan of action that is likely to succeed.

Commitment, perseverance, and celebration keep the motivation going!

I came to realize that the superhero model for comparison is to be no one other than myself. There are days when I feel I haven’t done enough or advanced quickly enough. But when I allow my thoughts to drift to prior times such as yesterday, the day before that, and before that, I recognize the effort isn’t that awful. I then recall last year and the previous year.

Next, I reflect on how I got started in the first place, and all that I was in need of learning to get to where I am today. Suddenly, where I am today doesn’t seem quite so bad. In fact, a smile or two comes across my face as I reminisce about some of the good things that took place along the way.

I have come to terms with the fact that if I have learned something new or made some type of small advancement over yesterday, then progress continues toward my vision of success. Competing with myself is the best route and most rewarding of all.

Your Story

It’s time to admit whether the comparison to others gets you down. If this is a frequent occurrence, then attempt to get it under control to focus on your competitor within. Do the same type of review. If you are new to your endeavor, then reflect on how you got started and the progress in the works from that point until now.

Questions for you:

Are you dedicated to learning each day? Do you strive continually to improve? Each evening after work, do you set new goals for the following day?

It is highly encouraged to keep track of your journey. Record the high points and low points of each day. As you resolve the low points, put a thin line across it so you can readily see your milestone achieved. These records are excellent on two counts: First, you may use the documentation in team meetings to show what works or for review yourself. Second, on your worst days, when you see the achievements in place, it will cheer you up to the point of re-energizing your effort. 

Along the road of your incredible journey, others will come to admire your remarkable brand due to a tough and disciplined mindset coupled with the motivation to succeed!

Sales Tips
Compete only with yourself. Review yesterday and today to improve tomorrow. Reflect on previous years to realize if you are where you wish to be. Take corrective action if you believe you have gotten off track. Revise plans to focus on what you prefer today and in the future. Adjust connections as needed. Reflect on how you spend your time and if a change is in order. Review what you enjoy best, and what you might leverage. Connect with people who motivate you. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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