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Weekend Reads: “Christmas in Whistler”

Christmas in Whistler: A Christmas Romance NovellaChristmas in Whistler: A Christmas Romance Novella by Kim Hornsby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daria’s looking at a lonely Christmas, with her two daughters at her ex-husband Robert’s house … with his horrible new girlfriend, Suzanne.

So, when Daria’s long-time friend Jo invites her to spend Christmas in Whistler, British Columbia, she leaps at the opportunity to get out of the Seattle suburbs and see some new sights.

One of those sights turns out to be Pierre Charbenaud, a long-time friend of Jo’s partner, Sheila. When Suzanne starts being nasty to Daria during a Skype call with the girls, Pierre pops in and pretends to be Daria’s new flame. And that’s all fine with Daria, because sparks started flying between her and the handsome Frenchman from practically the moment they met.

I love reading books set in places I’ve been, and this is no exception. Author Kim Hornsby captured the charming village of Whistler, BC, perfectly. She also created characters I believed in … and, at one point, even brought tears to my eyes.

This is a novella, so it’s not a long read. It is, however, a charming one that is just perfect for the season. Highly recommended.

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