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Weekend Reads: “Too Deep for Tears”

Too Deep for TearsToo Deep for Tears by Kathryn Lynn Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of meeting author Kathryn Lynn Davis at InD’Scribe in 2018. I chose to purchase a number of books by the authors I met subsequently and have read some marvelous work as a result.

This is an unusual family saga. We see three different women: one in Scotland, one in China, and one in India during, all during the late 19th C. There are two things they have in common: they share a father, and they can see one another in their dreams.

Aisla, Li-an, and Genevra are otherwise very different. They have their artistic talents of music, poetry, and painting, respectively, but they have widely varying dreams and ambitions. We see each of their stories in a different “book” of the novel. Where they all come together is when their dying father asks them to come to him so he can see them one last time.

The author has clearly studied all of the cultures about which she writes; her historical accuracy is impeccable. She also gives us flawed, believable characters about whom we quickly come to care.

Highly recommended.

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