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Weight Loss update & the upcoming holidays

Back in August, I wrote about using Noom, a health app designed by behavioral psychologists to help you lose weight for the long run. By the end of August, I had lost 15 lbs and reached my goal weight. But at the time, my subscription was not up.

Now, I would have liked the app to change your calorie count to help you go from cutting calories to your normal calorie intake. So, I was aiming for 1200 calories on the app (not taking into account any exercise done). This was 600 calories a day less than normal. It would have been nice to see what normal eating should be.

I kept up with the app through the first week of September and then sent in my notice that I was cancelling my subscription which actually ran through third week of September. I really didn’t miss counting calories or reading their daily messages.

Image result for maintaining weight loss

This week will mark 2 months of me resorting back to normal (or better yet a modified version of normal) eating. I can see that I have slipped back into a few “bad” habits such as eating more ice cream than I did when I was dieting. But overall, my weight has pretty much maintained at my goal weight of 125 lbs. I no longer weigh myself daily but do step on the scale a few times a week.

Image result for holiday weight gainWhile I am happy to be maintaining this weight, I do worry about the holidays as this is a time when so many good foods and treats are available. I am already eating more candy as we have some left over from Halloween.

The key to watching your weight over the holidays is not to deprive yourself of those tasty treats but to be mindful of how much you are eating. There is nothing wrong with a splurge here or there but it can’t be a daily thing.

Here are some holiday tips in order to avoid weight gain:

Be active – The cooler months keep many people indoors so even a family walk or trip to a winter festival can help you stay active. Snack wisely – Keeping snacks out of sight (in the pantry or office break room rather than at your desk) can stop you from mindless grazing. Opt for healthier snacks and consider putting the snack on a plate rather than just grabbing a handful as you pass by. Watch portion size – Use a smaller plate or try smaller portions of the goodies you want to try. Practice mindful eating – Don’t eat in front of the TV/electronics or while working. Give full attention when eating so you will know when your body is saying you have had enough. Control your stress level – The holidays can be a stressful time and many people eat when they are stressed. Take a walk, mediate or do something else to relieve your stress rather than turn to food. Limit desserts and sweets – Instead of trying every sweet thing out there, focus on your favorites and eat them in moderation. Limit liquid calories – Hot chocolate, after dinner coffees, sodas and alcohol all are just empty calories that often people don’t even consider when watching what they eat. Weigh yourself regularly – Stepping on the scale can remind you of your weight goals and let you take action before significant weight gain occurs. Plan ahead – If you have parties on the calendar, you can watch your food intake on the day and make a plan for eating that night – perhaps even bringing a healthy (or semi-healthy) dish if it is a potluck. Skip seconds – Many parties have food out buffet-style which leads people to serve themselves seconds or thirds. Resist the urge to go back for more.

Hopefully, I will be able to avoid that dreaded holiday weight gain and will be able to keep the weight off.



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