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Weird weekend

This week saw my debut as a music critic (yes, you are allowed to laugh) on a real music magazine, and also saw a few more projects pop up and take their place in the queue.
Now I just need a way to stop sleeping.

I have finished reading the new edition of Steven Alten’s MEG, and am now ready to go and see the movie.

1118561279In a related department, I’ve been reading Cetacean Paleobiology, one of those strange cases in which the profession written on my documents and what I do to pay my bills (when I manage to pay them!)
I still approach most of my writing “the science fiction way” – I need to document what I write, and keep it as real as possible. So what better than a book about the evolution of big frigging sea monsters as a source while I am writing a book about big frigging sea monsters?

And really, writing ancient megafauna books is great when you are a paleontologist – double the fun, double the excitement.

Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of ancient megafauna in my books.

And the book about sea monsters is going great – I might be able to finish the first draft this weekend.

Lambert et al

But I am also planning other entertaining things.
I did a piece on rural horror and weird fiction on my other blog, and now my fingers itch to write a short horror story. So, should I be able to clear my desk by 9 PM CET tomorrow night, I think I’ll fire up Google Docs and do a public writing session. Writing in public forces me to keep writing.
Can’t promise anything, but should I make it and do it, I’ll post a link here.

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