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Wellness for Women Over 40 Series:Part1

Welcome everyone to: The Wellness for Women Over 40 Series! In part one I will be discussing and sharing some of my proven strategies for effective weight management and sleep enhancement.

What can I say, it's been a very long journey. The real lesson on this journey has been perseverance, and staying on the path to wellness. Let's face it, we all won't be stick thin and that's a fact, so we might as well love the body we're in. Truth be told there are many reasons why women over 40 experience excessive weight gain. Some contributing factors are heredity precursors, depression, poor eating habits, poor sleep habits, sleep deprivation, metabolic illnesses, lack of exercise, poor time management, motherhood (sorry but it's a factor) and the real killer -STRESS!

Aside from having four children of my own and in the space of seven years, I was very cognizant of my familial tendency to gain weight. I began to notice my pattern over the years, and realized that I maintained my same weight for more than 3-5 years at a time. This was great I thought, but once I enrolled in graduate school, that trend went way left. I was stressed. I lacked good sleep, and I was juggling being a single mother, homeschool mom, and a career and life coach to four adolescents. I was also haunted by the fact that my birth mother (I was raised in foster care) lost one of her legs due to diabetes. So, it's been my plight to not accept that fate. So far, I have been able by the grace of God to ward of those symptoms. Which I why wellness over 40 is so vital, as this time is very unpredictable, due to hormonal fluctuations. Listen, I am not going out with a fight.! Who's with me?

So some of the things I've had to do, to get on the journey to my higher self are, find balance in my life by saying no more, and worrying less. I have learned to be still and know that God is in full control of my life, and to embrace His will over my own. Another thing I've had to do is fight for my...Read More

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