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What Authors Need to Know About SEO

How To Ebook

Mixtus Media – Blog by Marcus dePaula

Lately I’ve had people reach out to me saying, “I’ve been told I need to pay someone to help me with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Can you help me with that? If not, do you have someone you could recommend?” Well I don’t really “do SEO,” but I am happy to help any website get better search rankings for free. It’s not as complicated as you might think:

Use a website platform that handles Search Engine Optimization for you automatically (like Squarespace) and submit the website domain to Google and Bing for them to crawl and index. Use your website to share a steady and consistent stream of great content that naturally uses keywords in the content itself that people would use to find you. Create and schedule a steady and consistent stream of compelling social media posts that link to your…

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