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What is at the heart of your writing?

Author Don Massenzio

Many of us who are independent authors with blogs offer advice, talk about our books, interact with other authors and review their works. We do this without seeking monetary rewards and achieve a modicum of recognition.

Why do we do this? What motivates many of us with full-time day jobs to spend our free time working passionately at something with a minimal financial return?

Image result for readersWhat do readers want?

First, let’s talk about what we do want to achieve in writing. I know that one of my first considerations is attracting readers. In order to attract readers, a writer must determine what readers desire in the books they read.

To consider this, I first think of what I’m looking for in a book when I sit down to read it. We all have busy lives. For me, reading provides an escape. It allows my brain to change gears and go places…

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