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What to do when a guy ignores you?

Ignorance is the sister of disrespect. They are closely related. If a person ignores you, it means you are not worthy of their time. It happens to everyone. 

Don't believe when someone says "I am busy", as an excuse. Yes, we are all busy, we live with a busy schedule, but the day is long 24 hours and in this time we made priorities. So, guess are you in the priority list if someone ignores you a day, week, or a month? The answer is no.

When you wish to hear news from someone or stay in contact, you will make an attempt. It means you will use any reason to stay in contact. 
When you don't wish to stay in contact, you will do an excuse. Everything will be more important to you, even your cat's crap in the basket will be on the priority's list before a person you wish to ignore.

Girls will often ask, what to do when a guy who is their crush ignores them?

Girls, you need to know, some guys will never break up with you. Some of them will never say NO, but they will stay quiet forever.

Also, don't fool yourself, if you are the first who calls him and messages him always, he is ignoring you, but he let you be in his life, as a reserve.

If you watched football, some guys are on the bench, as reserve players. They are here to enter the game when the main player is injured or tired. Don't wait to jump in the game when other girls are out of option, because this place means exactly this, to fill the empty spot.

If a guy ignores you, don't ignore him too. You know why? 
He will think that you agree with his treatment, and one day he will call you in the middle of the night to talk to him. Because, you are always ready to jump, like a dog for the bone.

If a guy ignores you, tell him that you will not wait for him. This is a strategy to prevent him to make a fool of you. 

Tell him that you have your life and your priorities and he can't just ring on your door when this is convenient for him.

Some men have a big ego and they will not say NO even if they don't like a girl. They will be surrounded by many options, and girls who accept such treatment are like hens who wait for the cock. 

Besides, a guy who ignores you stand on your door and block the traffic. You can't see the one who is interested in you, because this jerk makes your view misty. 

So, next time when he calls you after a few months, say to him that he is late. You already made a new life, without a guy who blocks the traffic.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
Moment of Zen ~ Mama's Ink
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