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Why All My Books Are Not In One Basket.

Like this author, I have chosen wide distribution. Like this author, Kobo is my first choice for both eReaders and eBooks. (Did you know that Kobo is the most popular reader outside the US?) Give this a read; it sums up my own feelings quite tidily.


I’ve never been a believer in keeping all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. I use more than one bank. I store my important files in more than one place. And I have always had my books available in more than one place.

In recent months, I’ve become more and more thankful that Amazon is not my sole venue for book distribution.


All my books are available on Kobo,  Nook, iBooks, and a number of other stores in addition to Amazon. You can find all the links for each book at

Like the kindle app, the Kobo, Nook and iBooks apps are completely free.
And from an author’s point of view, there are significant differences:nook-icon
Those stores don’t remove readers’ reviews – but Amazon does. Those stores don’t insist you spend $50 before you can leave a rating or a review – but…

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