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Why Amazon?

This is new – thank you Tanya for publicizing this.

T. R. Robinson Publications

Amazon - 1There is no denying Amazon has become the world’s largest on-line retailer. Nevertheless, they are NOT the only one. Despite this fact, many of Amazon’s customers appear reluctant to purchase from other retailers. Why?

To simplify the discussion, it has been separated into two distinct parts: Positive and Negative aspects.

As this website is primarily designed to assist authors and readers, the following will centre upon book purchasing. Nonetheless, some of the principles mentioned will apply to the purchasing of other products.


Naturally, the vast range of products Amazon carries makes it a useful multi-purchase site. Many books are available in various formats: Hardback; Paperback; Digital; Audio; MP3; etc. whereas some other on-line book retailers only have digital editions available. Authors have a tendency to migrate to Amazon because it provides easy to use publishing systems: CreateSpace (for Print-On-Demand paperback editions); Kindle (for Digital editions); Audio (AX) (for Audio…

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