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Why is inner peace so important?

Look at how much times you spent on unimportant conflicts and quarrels. Whilst ego is building itself, your time will never come back.
Look how many important moments vanished whilst you hated someone from depth in your soul.

We can't help ourselves. Sometimes we spend hours by analyzing could anything be different if we reacted normally in past conflicts. Could we be calmer?

I was different before. I jumped on every bad word from some pricks because I wanted to fight back. Doesn't matter if this was an internet troll or a real person, I always wanted to give my feedback.

Later, I learned that some bullets are not worthy to be used. Some fights are not worthy of starting.

You can win a battle even if you never reply.

If you ignore your hater:

He will feel unimportant.

He will feel like he is doing a monologue.

He will shut up because there was no response.

He will stay hungry because haters are feeding themselves with your nerves.

Also, you can win a battle with saving bullets. Give your reaction but give it in pieces. Like you want to kill a mosquito, use fist and squeeze once.

If you decide to make feedback, let's do this:

Reply short.

Reply wise.

Make it with a smile.

Head up. You know who are you, this small provocateur is just shit on the road. You don't want to make your shoes dirty, right?

If anything your enemies hate, this is your self-confident smile. It will tear them, and a rumor about your success.

So, you saved your inner peace. Your space is clean to make your progress, to make a spot for something relevant. You have no time to stand on every crap on your way because you are busy with your success, right?
Original author: Kristina Gallo
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