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Working on the “Don’t Look Back Method”

I have been observing myself, comparing the difference between my straight writing sessions and my online/public writing sessions.
The question is: why given the same time and in general the same level of preparation, I can write 2/3000 words in two hours when streaming and only 1500 when I am alone?
I had noted the difference in output a while back, and was curious. And here’s the result of my little survey.

image typewriter

When I am writing on my own, so to speak, I jump up and down the text a lot. I correct, change, revise. I check sources. I do a lot of little adjustments. Cut and paste. Delete and redo.
When I am writing online I just go, saving most of the revisions for later. Granted, I stop once in a while to retro-fit what I wrote before, but most often than not I just add a note to remind myself I should do a revision, and then keep going.

This seems to be the main cause for the difference in productivity.

Now one thing I will try and do – first experiment tonight – is to see if, by applying the same don’t look back method while offline, and by using a distraction-free interface, I can improve my output.
It would be nice, because never like these days I need to write a lot, and fast.
I will keep you posted.

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