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WORTHY WORDS from Owen Thomas Fiction


And now a word that does not actually exist. I have completely made up this word and, as a writer of fiction, I have done so without compunction or regret. I have submitted this word to John Koening, author of “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” for inclusion in that brilliant resource. I have not heard back as yet. Nevertheless, I unveil this brand new word here, on the Owen Thomas Fiction Blog, because I think this is a word for our times. Ready? [drum roll] Here we go:

SINTENACIOUS \ˈsin - tə-ˈnā-shəs \ adj. The quality of being undeterred by scandal or the prospect of moral failing.   Example 1: “The sincerity of the candidate’s courtship of evangelical voters was utterly belied by his famously sintenacious character.” Example 2: “The politician is so demonstrably sintenacious that it is almost impossible to assume the rumored pee-pee tapes do not exist.” Example 3: “The newest high-priced New York public relations firm – ‘Weisselberg, Pecker and Cohen’ – have a long roster of highly sintenacious clients.”

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