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Wouldn’t it be fun …?

That’s how usually it begins. You are there minding your own business, watching a movie, say, or reading a book, or listening to some music, and all of a sudden this idea pops up. Wouldn’t it be fun…?
And you are in rouble, because usually it would be fun – or at least you think it would be, and you start writing and… ah, that’s how it begins.
Case in point…

I am watching this series. Fun, well made, predictable as a lot of pulp fiction tends to be, but that’s part of the fun.
We set out with a classic line up of character going on an adventure:

the hero: unassuming, but he’s actually a Doc-Savage-level ultra-competent superhero with magical powersthe tough chick: dresses in leather, throws knives, does tough chick stuffthe faithful retainer: cooks, cleans, does the exposition bits when the hero can’t bother to, will probably self-sacrificethe brick: a mountain of muscles, rough, faithful, does not speakthe scared kid: knows the lay of the land, would rather be anywhere elsethe psycho: falsely friendly, hits on the tough chick, shoots first and thinks later, likely to betray the team and die horriblyred shirts: a bunch of nameless extras that are there just as cannon fodder

… And probably because the actor playing the psycho is actually making him the most interesting and purely fun character in the whole show so far, I caught myself thinking, wouldn’t it be fun…

Wouldn’t it be fun should it turn out the hero completely underestimated the danger of the situation in which he and his companions are diving, so that when all hell breaks lose, it’s so over the top that the hero is the first one who’s killed, together with the retainer and the kid, and this leaves the tough chick, the brick and the psycho, plus a handful of extras, battered and shocked but still standing, to work out a way to save their skins, and possibly defeat the menace…? And it turns out that in a pinch the tough chick is actually the brain of the outfit, the psycho’s policy of shooting everything that moves actually works, and the brick has a few unsuspected tricks up his sleeves…?
Wouldn’t it be fun?

Now I’m not very much into this grimdark thing that’s been going on for a while, and yet, this might be a nice set-up for a grimdark-ish story. Action and humor is more my style, and it would work a marvel.
And now you see my problem, right?
Because I need to write something like this.

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