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Writer, Heal Thyself!

Author Don Massenzio

I’ve been fascinated with a book I received from my uncle in Texas. It’s called Nabakov’s Favorite Word is Mauve By Ben Blatt. It’s an analytical look at writers and writing. I’ve already looked at Blatt’s analysis of the use of adverbs and exclamation points as recommended by famous writers (Stephen King and Elmore Leonard respectively). It also looked at the use of analytics to predict the gender of the the author by the words used in the writing.

I’m fascinated by this book’s examination of how writers follow (or don’t follow) their own advice. This post will dig into that subject just a bit more. Some of these great writers are role models for many of us. We read their advice on improving our writing and follow it blindly or with some measure of scrutiny.

I was particularly interested in two questions that Blatt asks in his book:

Does the…

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