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Writer’s Digest Critique of “Bayou Fire”

M&M frt Verson 1Hi, everyone.  I’m back from my day job business trip and trying not only to get back into the swing of things but also re-adjust to West Coast time.  I had to be up at 2:30 AM East Coast time yesterday in order to make it to the airport, return my rental car, and get through Orlando International Airport’s security.  They advise people to add an additional hour to their airport plans because of new requirements there:  your cell phone and eReader must also be scanned separately.  Oy vey.

Anyway, while I was away I received my promised Writer’s Digest critique of Bayou Fire.  You may recall that I did not place in the awards, but all entrants were promised this documentation.

Frankly, I couldn’t find anything to disagree with.  Some of the issues were entirely subjective, but I thought the objective matters were on point.  I also appreciated the judge saying she appreciated that the book delved into serious issues like coastal erosion in addition to the main plot. So, I’m good with it.

The most important part was the summation:

Your use of language is clear and direct, and I truly appreciate the work you’ve put into the research for the historical and cultural aspects. It’s a lively and entertaining book. Good work!

Thank you to the judge who took the time to read and evaluate my work so thoroughly.  And thank you to the fans who have enjoyed the book thusfar.  Want your own copy?  Click on the link above.

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