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Writing a Novel Wrap Up – Part Two

This is the second part of the sixty-seventh post in a series about writing a novel as I wrap up the series.

Last week, I began the wrap up of my novel-writing series that started in August of 2017. Everything from story ideas to first drafts and beyond were covered and included in part one of my wrap up. But writing and editing a novel is not the end. You have your completed work but now you need to publish it and then market it to potential readers.

This brings us to part two of our wrap up – publishing and marketing. As with writing a novel, I have covered a wide range of topics and there are sure to be areas I might have missed. If you see any, please list them in the comments, and I will cover them in a future post.


Image result for publishingWhether you choose to go through a traditional publishing house or self-publish, there are many things you may need to consider – book title, pen name, cover design, book blurb, front/back matter and selling price. And then if you are self-publishing, you will need to format your book and upload it to the seller (Amazon) or a distribution company (Smashwords or Draft2Digital.)

Every decision you make when publishing can affect your success. As with writing your book, you need to not rush. You need to take time to prefect your book description and design your cover. These are all major selling points for your book. If the cover doesn’t appeal to readers, they won’t even get to the point of reading the book blurb. And if the book blurb doesn’t leave them wanting more, they won’t be clicking the buy button.

Here is a list of the publishing topics that I have covered.

#37- Publishing Options for your book

#38 – Self-publishing an ebook decisions

#39 – Picking Your Book Title and Your Pen Name

#40 – Investing in an eye-catching book cover

#41 – Writing an awesome book blurb

#42 – Deciding on Front Matter for your novel

#43 – Deciding on Back Matter for your novel

#44 – Formatting your eBook for publication

#45 – Pricing your e-book

#46 – Selecting Categories and Keywords to improve your Novel’s visibility

#47 – Book Promotions: Cover Reveal and Pre-Orders

#48 – Publishing your novel with Amazon and KDP Select

#49 – Publishing your e-book with Smashwords or Draft2Digital


Image result for marketingYour book is written, and you have clicked the button and published it. It is now out there for anyone to read. But you can’t expect readers to just stumble upon your book. You need to market to your target market though book promotions and blog tours. Even more you need to sell readers on your brand – that’s you.

Marketing is a never-ending process. So, it doesn’t stop as you write your next book or even the one after that. You need to explore new ways to get your name out to potential readers as you balance your time between writing and marketing.

Here is a list of the marketing topics that I have covered.

#50 – Marketing your E-book

#51 – Finding your Book’s Target Market

#52 – The importance of Book Reviews and how to get them

#53 – Is it worth it to offer your book for free?

#54 – My results from offering my novels for free

#55 – Amzon’s Kindle Countdown Deals explained and my results

#56 – Selling your book through book ads

#57 – Using a Book Trailer to promote your novel

#58 – Offering your novels or short stories as a box set

#59 – Deciding whether to offer your book as an audio book

#60 – Taking your book on a virtual book tour

#61 – Writing your Author Bio and selecting an Author Photo

#62 – Setting up your Amazon Author Page and International Amazon pages

#63 – Choosing between an Author Website or Blog

#64 – Holidays work for settings and book promotions

#65 – Choices for Authors: Marketing vs. Writing

#66 – Joining author groups and forums

And this concludes my 67-part series on writing a novel. I hope it helps. Keep writing. Nothing will improve your writing more or improve your credibility as an author.


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