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Writing Advice

As you probably know – or maybe you don’t – I collect books about writing.
I have over one hundred, and in truth I can tell you, there’s a lot of good advice in each and every one of them, even if not a single one is the final world, The Book, the stone tablets of the Law, dictated by the God of Literature Himself.


Right now, I’m having a lot of fun reading Chuck Wendig’s 250 Things You Should Know About Writing that, like all of Chuck Wendig’s writing books, is fun, informative and filled with the sort of common sense and down-to-earth advice that a lot of writing courses seem unable to muster.

And when I find a writer writing about writing that goes like this

Selection_69223. No Such Thing As Bad Writing Advice
There’s only: advice that works for you, and advice that doesn’t. It’s like going to Home Depot and trying to point out the “bad tools.” Rather, some tools work for the job. Most don’t. Be confident enough to know when a tool feels right in your hand, and when it might instead put out your eye.

24. Though, Nobody Really Knows Shit About Shit
We’re all just squawking into the wind and nobody really has the answers. Except you, and those answers are only for you. Everybody else is just guessing. Sometimes they’re right. A lot of times they’re wrong. That’s not to say such pontification isn’t valuable. You just gotta know what weight to give it.

… I know I found my kind of guy (this, said in a very platonic way, mind you).

As I am at it, I might also point out Chuck’s doing a massive bundle sale of his writing books (with some first-class fiction thrown in for good measure).
You can find the stuff here1.

you might have seen the link at the bottom of the post I linked here yesterday – in which case you probably know that at the bottom of that post there is an extra discount coupon, too ;) 

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