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Xaghra’s Revenge is here

Rabat the old name for Gozo’s main town, Victoria built entirely of limest

The day has come for revenge. Is revenge sweet? Find out how 5000 islanders were abducted in 1551 and what are the repercussions today. Follow two modern lovers who discover their heritage.
A rare insight into Libya, past and present.
How the tiny, beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo, with one of the oldest buildings in the world, might be the centre of the spiritual world.
How a harem in Constantinople treated slave girls and how some rebelled.
#historical fiction #fantasy #horror #paranormal romance

Turgot Reis by Ali Sami Boyer

Yes, pirates abducted everyone on Gozo bar a handful of really old and infirm people, yet those ruthless kidnappers had leaders in Rais Dragut – also known as Turgot Reis – and Sinan Pashu who considered themselves to be honourable semi-royalty. They took commissions from Suleiman the Magnificent. They were no swash-buckling Hollywood Johnny Depp caricatures. As you can see by this magnificent portrait of Rais Dragut. However, they did kill thousands and by any era’s standards of civilised behaviour were cruel and evil. Xaghra’s Revenge explores aspects of their psyche too.

Gozo is beautiful today, and was probably magnificent 6,000 years ago when ancient people of unknown origins built the ancient buildings we assume were temples. It holds a savage yet awe-inspiring past. I would love to live there.

You might like to read it for yourself.Xaghras-Revenge-Out-Now



If you’d like a signed copy of Xaghra’s Revenge please send me a message via facebook.

It will be the normal Amazon paperback price + 50% to include post and package.

#historical fiction #fantasy #horror #paranormal romance

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