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You are rejected - so what?

In your life, people will reject you. They will say NO because there is no spot for you in someone's life. It happens. People are like in a puzzle game, sometimes you are the piece that doesn't fit in.

Your attitude matters. It is not the same as how you accept rejection. 

If you yell, scream or treat with revenge, you are childish.
If you cry or beg, you are desperate.
If you swallow this in silence and don't look back, you are mature.

During life, you will lose business opportunities. You will lose possible partners for relationships. You will lose friends.

Even if you are very smart and very beautiful, there will always be someone who will say NO. Do you think you can have every man if you are beautiful woman? You are wrong.

Rejection doesn't have to be in NO form, always. 

This is also NO, between lines:

I want you, but only temporary and sometimes.

I want you, but only in my bed.

I want you, but only as a second choice.

I want you, but you need to share myself with someone else.

Rejection is sometimes wrapped in kind words, silence, and ignorance because some people don't have the strength to say it openly and directly. They will do it from distance and in a kind way, like "Sorry, I like you, but this is too much for me."

Some people are just too weak or cowards, so they say no in such ways. Maybe they don't wish to hurt you, but the effect is the same. 

If you can recognize rejection, do you know how to accept it like a mature person?

What would a mature person do?

Accept it without questions.

Walk away and don't come back.

If a person who rejected you changes the mind, don't accept it.

Once when you close the door, this is a step in the future. Close the door, open the new window. Every step back is the waste of time because you are not going that way. New opportunities are always better than old reunions because the person who rejected you once has the power to do it again.

Your attitude will be firmer with time when you get used that not everything is going smooth. It happens to the best people because this is a part of life.

If I would not accept rejections, I would still chase the wind and stood in one spot, I would not see new chances in my way. 

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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