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Your Real Life Will Always Bleed Into Your Fiction

Excellent thoughts about making your writing relatable here. “Write what you know” is about feelings *and* experiences, not just the latter.

Novelty Revisions

Some of the best stories I’ve written started out as fictional retellings of things that had actually happened to me.

Stories morph over time, of course, and what starts out as a close reflection of your reality usually transforms into something a lot more … dramatic.

But writing things that hit close to home makes the whole process different somehow. It’s so much easier to insert yourself into that world, to think about the things your characters are thinking about. To feel what they are feeling, and convey those feelings with nothing but words.

For the longest time, I thought putting my characters through familiar (to me) situations was somehow bad or self-centered. Just because I went through it didn’t mean other readers would care (so I thought) and I was so far deep in some of these things that I couldn’t even comprehend what the outside perspective might be…

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Kurt Busiek’s Conan
A friendly reminder to myself