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Z is for Ziggy #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of comic strips. For those young ones out there, a comic strip is a few drawn panels telling a story which appears in the newspaper. The first daily comic strip began in 1907, but the color comics (Sunday funnies) actually began back in 1894.

If you are here looking for my typical Thursday post on writing or publishing, I will go back to my regular schedule in May. Until then, enjoy the A to Z Challenge…

Z is for Ziggy, created in 1968 by Tom Wilson. The strip became syndicated in 1971 in 15 newspapers, later growing to over 600 publications. Wilson drew the strip until 1987 when his son Tom Wilson II took over and still draws the strip today.

Ziggy is a short, bald, almost featureless character – except for his large nose. He deals with an endless stream of misfortunes, often in the workplace. With over 50 years in existence, the strip has changed with the times. For example, rotary phones have been replaced with cell phones and the TVs are now flat screens.

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