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How To Get More Reviews As #IndieAuthors & Reader ARCs

how to get more reviews as #indieauthors
A guide to how to get more reviews as #indieauthors and ‘The Best & Most Comprehensive Free Book/Review Resource On The Web.’ I have noticed how much harder it is now than say, two years ago, to get more reviews as authors. I don’t have the answer to that but I can help whether you […] The post How To Get More Reviews As #IndieAuthors & Reader ARCs appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

The Art and Science of Delegation

The Art & Science of Delegation
Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  NOTE:    Juliana Marulanda, ScaleTime Founder, provides you with today’s infographic, ‘The Art and Science of Delegation.’  Don’t be a part of the 75% group of small business owners.  ScaleTime found the majority to be spending vacation time stuck to their laptops dealing with business matters. If you haven’t yet, hire qualified and reliable people. Don’t skimp on training as it will prove to be an excellent long-term investment. The more you can trust your employees to deliver, the more you can focus your energy on expanding your business. Delegate tasks and avoid spreading yourself too thin. Let this infographic teach you the art and science of delegati...
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GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win a paperback (AND I DARKEN), Amazon Gift Card and Necklace!

Happy Friday! Here’s a fantastic giveaway for you! WIN a copy of AND I DARKEN by Kiersten White PLUS an Amazon Giftcard AND a necklace! ENTER to WIN! Original link

Therapeutic riding: Learn how many ways horses can heal you

Deanie and Do All at a show. From My Life at Sweetbrier Have you heard about therapeutic riding? It’s often called hippotherapy. Did you know horses can change people’s lives? If you follow the link I’ll provide at the end of this post, you’ll read about a sickly horse and a girl who hadn’t spoken in a long time. The two connected and you’ll  be amazed what happened next. Horses have been an amazing influence in my own life,but I want to introduce you to the many ways they can brighten the lives of children and adults. Follow this link to find out more about the healing powers of horses. I think you’ll enjoy the stories.  Whether you call it hippotherapy or therapeutic riding, these stories ...
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Historical Fiction Spotlight: A Different Kind of Fire by Suanne Schafer

New on Amazon UK and Amazon US Ruby Schmidt has the talent, the drive, even the guts to enroll in art school, leaving behind her childhood home and the beau she always expected to marry. Her life at the Academy seems heavenly at first, but she soon learns that societal norms in the East are as restrictive as those back home in West Texas. Rebelling against the insipid imagery woman are expected to produce, Ruby embraces bohemian life. Her burgeoning sexuality drives her into a life-long love affair with another woman and into the arms of an Italian baron. With the Panic of 1893, the nation spirals into a depression, and Ruby’s career takes a similar downward trajectory. After thinking she co...
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For Aspiring Authors: Never Give Up--My Lesson in Persistence

A Lesson In Persistence My story will inspire you to push on, if nothing else will. I'm probably the longest aspiring author to finally get published. My journey took 18 years. I wrote my first novel in 1982. Although my third or fourth novels came close to getting published with Harlequin, they didn't quite make it. My first published novel was actually the ninth one I'd written. Although I now have a great agent with whom I signed with her two years ago, I had 2 agents before becoming published: one retired; the other gave up. So I made my sales on my own. I'd like to tell any aspiring authors who are frustrated because it's taking them 3, 4, 5 or more years to get that first contract, rem...
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New Tudor Book: The Forgotten Tudor Women: Anne Seymour, Jane Dudley & Elisabeth Parr, by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

New on Amazon UK and Amazon US Anne Seymour, Jane Dudley and Elisabeth Parr all have their own unique stories to tell. Born into the most turbulent period of England’s history, these women’s lives interplayed with the great dramas of the Tudor age, and their stories deserve to be told independently of their husbands.  Anne Seymour served all of Henry VIII’s six wives and brushed with treason more than once, but she died in her bed as a wealthy old matriarch. Jane Dudley was a wife and mother who fought for her family until her last breath.  Elisabeth Parr, sister-in-law of Queen Katherine Parr, married for love and became Elizabeth I’s favourite lady-in-waiting. The Tudor age was a hazardous...
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November 2018 Giveaway

I offer a giveaway each month. It could be a book, a gift card, or some other type of swag. You must be on my email list or join my email list to be eligible to win. Hey – I need to get something out of this. :) To enter: If you are already on my email list, simply enter your email address for the first entry in the rafflecopter form below. You will then be offered additional entries. If you are not already on my email list, complete the form on the right side of this page to join. You will receive an email to confirm. After confirming, enter your email address for the first entry in the rafflecopter form below. You will then be offered additional entries. Please note: Some of you may think ...
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In which I read to you …

In case you missed the All Hallow’s Eve/Dead Man’s Party event, here’s my reading of “Ghosts of Tupelo.” Enjoy! Original link

Weekend Reads: “Dark Visions”

Dark Visions: an anthology of 34 horror stories from 27 authors
As you all know, this is the anthology that features my award-winning tale, “Ghosts of Tupelo.” I finished reading Dark Visions in its entirety a little bit ago and wanted to share my thoughts. Dark Visions: an anthology of 34 horror stories from 27 authors by Dan Alatorre My rating: 5 of 5 stars Disclosure up front: my award-winning story, “Ghosts of Tupelo,” is in this book. My review applies to the other tales contained therein. It’s been my experience that anthologies are uneven. Some of the stories will blow you away in a good way, some will leave you cold, and others will be “just okay.” Well, Dan Alatorre has curated a collection of tales that will keep you reading “just one more” for...
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Your Free Copy of Emotional Beats… and More

Nicholas C. Rossis Just for authors Giveaway Download EIGHT free, fresh books as part of a unique 48 Hour Writer event, including my very own best-seller, Emotional Beats. When I was offered the chance to be part of an exclusive, eight book giveaway this month, I thought of the benefits to you and I grabbed a spot quickly. Your choice is even easier. Look at these great free books and grab the ones you like, including Emotional Beats (in fact, that should be the first one you pick up). Get just a few, or get all of them if you want ! Just remember they’re only available for a short time, so don’t miss out. Emotional Beats Do You Want To Show, Not Tell, Emotions? Because of the way our brains...
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Nailed it!

I am happy to announce that I suddenly nailed a perfect idea for the mainstream/realistic/whatever novel I’ve been asked to write for a major editor, and that will be the subject of my NaNoSortaWriMo. The idea is solid and fun, and while certainly appealing to a mainstream audience, it will still be my sort of story. Just a little less action and a little more structure. But it opens with a scene involving a mechanical velociraptor. Because you know me. Anyway, I’m quite happy with the first 1000-odd words, and I am going reasonably strong. This is going to be quite an adventure. Original link

The Magic Marble Tree: A Writer's Journey (The Liberator's Daughter Book 2) by Deborah Levine

New on Amazon UK and Amazon US Join me on the journey from chronic pain to award-winning author. Travel from the beaches of British Bermuda to New York, Chicago, and Chattanooga. Experience the blending of my father, a US military intelligence officer who interrogated WWII Nazi prisoners of war and mother, a pioneer in special education.  Her empathy and people skills rescued us Share the joy of teaching special needs children and embracing diversity as I practice what she preached. Learn what it takes to grow into a leader that crosses cultural boundaries with emotional intelligence.  Be part of my transformation from a hospital bed into a world-famous writer and innovator. Join this mystic...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Correspondent”

#IndieAuthor #6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre Today’s challenge is: “Correspondent” “Interview? Character assassinations are my forte.” Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Cheers, J. I. Rogers Note: I am up to my eyebrows in work at the moment, so I’ll be MUCH slower to answer your posts. I encourage everyone to read through an respond to other people’s contributions and check out their blogs as well; you’re a talented group of people!  The post Six-Word Story Challenge – “Correspondent” appeared first on J. I. Rogers . Original link

Bullet in the Back, Murder at Lavender Lake Library

Good morning and welcome to wwwblogs. This month, we’re focusing on books and short stories that are thrillers and military. Edge of the seat action is going to have you panting for more from these fabulous books! Check out these intriguing stories from a stable of great authors! Today, we’re delving into Debbie De Louise’s mystery/thrillers Bullet in the Back and Murder at Lavender Lake Library… Bullet in the Back Blurb With Friends Like These… When Susan Drummond accompanies her husband, Ray, to his cabin where he goes to get away from it all and write, her friends and father become concerned that she isn’t answering her cell phone. They all decide to check in on her and find no trace of h...
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Rivers of Blood: Book 3 Steve Regan Undercover Cop – Cover Reveal

rivers of blood
Here it is. The cover reveal for Rivers of Blood, Book 3 in the trilogy of Steve Regan Undercover Cop adventures. Yes, folks, the final installment of the trilogy. Ii is planned to release the book on March 1, 2019. By that time, it will be ready having undergone a thorough edit. I hope you enjoy […] The post Rivers of Blood: Book 3 Steve Regan Undercover Cop – Cover Reveal appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link


ABOUT THE BOOK A family patriarch’s dying proclamation, an enigmatic disappearance, and a century-old curse converge in the shadows of a majestic home on Cape Cod’s craggy coast.

 Thirty-seven-year-old painter Cassandra Mitchell is fourth-generation to live in the majestic Battersea Bluffs, a brooding Queen Anne home originally built by her great-grandparents, Percy and Celeste Mitchell, and still standing despite tragedies that have swept the generations. Local lore has it that there was a curse placed on the family and the house is haunted, though opinions are divided on whether it's by malicious or benevolent spirits. Cassie believes the latter―but now she stands to lose her beloved home...
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Astraeus by Haley Cavanagh - Spotlight and #Giveaway

Astraeus by Haley Cavanagh Genre: SF Romance One pre-apocalyptic Earth. One desperate space mission to find a solution. One unexpected alien.  When Dr. Sakota Thorell signed onto the mission to scout out a new, habitable planet, she knew discovering extraterrestrial life was always a possibility. But she never expected to find an alien adrift in space, nor for that alien to be so intriguing. Sakota feels an instant and undeniable attraction to Astraeus, but he represents a million possibilities, and just as many threats. There are others hunting Astraeus, and his rescue may cost Earth its last hope.  Add to Goodreads Amazon * B&N * Google * Kobo “What are you called? What’s your name?” He op...
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Raiders Of The Lost Ark: An Indiana Jones Theory

Worth a read! Misanthropester The other day I was scrolling through Hulu attempting to find something to have on in the background or maybe something to actually watch. I wasn’t having much success, and then I stumbled upon a film series I’ve long adored. I will always watch Indiana Jones movies. Hell, I’ll even watch (and enjoy) the Allan Quatermain knock-offs from the mid-80s. While The Last Crusade is my favorite, watching Raiders of the Lost Ark is always a delight. However, as I re-watched this film for the millionth time I came to a realization. Half of the movie is just Indiana Jones trying to pick up the pieces after making a huge miscalculation. Raiders of the Lost Ark is arguably a...
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King Davids Memoirs for the Modern Age Vol 1

Rise to Power audiobook cover art
LISTENER Joseph Mahoney Golden Valley, AZ USA 208 reviews 568 helpful votes 346 ratings Rise to Power The David Chronicles, Volume 1By:  Uvi Poznansky Narrated by:  David George King Davids Memoirs for the Modern Age Vol 1  Overall  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️           5 out of 5 stars Performance    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️         5 out of 5 stars Story    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️         5 out of 5 stars Reviewed: 11-01-18 Rise to Power: The David Chronicles, Volume 1 by Uvi Poznansky. The narration is provided by David George. Many people that know nothing of religion know of the tale of David and Goliath. This is that David. This is the man in his elders years remembering his life and how he came to power. For those t...
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